Studio Augment

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Year : 2017

Augment is a design and craft focused studio from the sunny island of Singapore. Using the base idea of creation with craft, the brand identity is inspired by the process of starting from scratch. We took an idea of an empty image box as an inspiration to create our logomark. It is made up of 3 perfect squares, the bottom right square is the letter A from our logo type, the bottom left square consist of vertical lines that represents a bookshelf full of hand-crafted notebooks and lastly, the main big square is our workspace which signifies our experimentative nature. Hence, we created multiple variants to use at our disposal.

A clean typographic aesthetic was chosen as it represents the sleek products we craft.

As for our website, we added some quirks to create a personality based off of a compradre who loves making silly wisecracks. For comedic reasons, we added a randomizer on the bottom right of the website to further entertain the user with some small talk.