448 Book

Year : 2019

Inspired by Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis, FOUR FOUR EIGHT is the third instalment from Emergency Stairs’ Post-Dramatic Theatre Series.

Taking on the solitary journey of Liu Xiaoyi as an artist as its topic, FOUR FOUR EIGHT’s structure repeatedly crosses the known boundaries of theatre, starting with time and space.

Following FOUR FOUR EIGHT’s upcoming shows for Esplanade’s Huayi – Festival of the Arts 2019, we’ve produced a book that sets to journey with the audience.

Behind the construction is a meticulous process of book crafting that is assembled by hand. Each book cover is torn individually to evoke the feelings of distraught attributed from the show, depicting each unique person’s journey. This interactive play consist of the participant moving around the location whilst using the book as its guide. To tackle the idea of travelling around with it, we incorporated a looped long waxed thread for easy handling and holding of the 64 paged 448 book.


Layout design and book crafting by Studio Augment.